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High-grade business professional attire for women - Akris

Discover elegant & timeless business professional attire for women by Akris. High-quality materials & beautiful designs for any business meeting or event.

Business professional attire for women

There are few realms in life where appearance is as important as it is in work life. Whether you have to be dressed in classic business professional attire or if the dress code is business casual, with a sophisticated and elegant appearance, you will leave the perfect impression on your coworkers, clients and business partners. Are you looking for beautiful high-grade garments to create your individual business professional attire? Discover the wide range of possibilities in the Akris online shop

Luxurious business attire for a sophisticated appearance

There are lots of rules and opinions when it comes to business professional attire. What colors should you wear? What patterns are appropriate? When can you wear a sleeveless top? What is the perfect length of a skirt? It’s a challenge to keep an overview of the countless golden rules of business fashion. However, there are few imperatives that will help you to create your perfect business attire, and that will always remain relevant: Neutral colors such as black, white, marine, or beige are always a good choice, the hem of your dress or skirt should at least reach your knee and a blazer will add a serious air to any look. Akris offers beautiful pants, tops, blazers, dresses and skirts that are perfect to wear in the office. Those garments will delight you with classic designs and cuts that meet the requirements of formal business professional attire for women.

Professional and modern: High-grade pant suits

Do you want to create a look that is sophisticated and elegant but sportive and modern too? Then pant suits are the perfect choice for you! This ensemble typically consists of a blazer, slacks and a top or a blouse and is loved by many women because it creates a professional and sleek appearance. The classic pant suit has a blazer with a lapel collar and pleated pants, but of course, the styles can vary. Among the selection, you can find jackets and blazers with different kinds of collars, lengths and other design details. Other than regular slacks, Akris also offers more extraordinary pants, like models made of leather. In combination with a tight top and a short blazer, you can create a smart pant suit that will certainly attract admiring glances!

Feminine and timeless: dresses and skirts

A knee-length shift dress? A cute A-line dress? A long-sleeved dress for the winter? A monochromatic pencil skirt? Work life is the perfect occasion for classic feminine and elegant looks. Dresses and outfits with skirts are perfect to set subtle accents in your appearance. Business dresses are a great choice if you want to create an exquisite style that will be appropriate for any occasion, whether you are in the office or if you attend formal events. All of the dresses and skirts that Akris offers for business professional attire will charm you with their timeless cuts and designs that will never fall out of fashion. Whether you look for an elegant and cute dress or if you prefer a modern and sportive pant suit: the selection by Akris leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to creating your business professional attire. Do you want to personalize your business outfit? Discover luxurious handbags, like tote bags or messenger bags, as well as beautiful accessories by Akris, like collector scarves, necklaces and belts.

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