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Luxurious and comfortable cashmere jogger by Akris

Are you looking for extraordinary pants, that will enhance your appearance and that are also comfortable? Then you will love the cashmere joggers by Akris! These garments made of soft and luxurious cashmere fiber are a sight to behold and will delight you with their unbelievably soft feel.

Cashmere joggers: extraordinary and comfortable

If you think of cashmere, chances are high that knitwear like sweaters, scarves or cardigans are the first clothes that come to your mind. But Akris takes the luxurious high-quality fiber to the next level. Due to the ultra-soft feel of cashmerel and the fact that comfort is an essential quality that we seek in pants, Akris offers joggers made of it, that combine incomparable wearing comfort and a unique look. The cashmere joggers have straight cuts that contribute to a timeless exterior. Clever visual nuances in the design, like paillettes or pockets, add to their appeal. Those pants are perfect to wear as part of elegant loungewear or a laid-back leisure look. Among the selection, there are also especially refined pieces that can be worn as part of a modern office look.

Cashmere: pure luxury

For many people, cashmere is the very definition of luxury. The high-grade fiber is made from the fine undercoat of cashmere goats and is loved by many for its exclusivity and flexibility. This fiber might seem filigree at first glance, but it is also versatile and can be processed in many different ways. Cashmere has a glossy finish that gives the finished garments an exclusive look. The material is also easy to handle, due to its self-cleaning qualities. After you have worn a cashmere piece, it can be refreshed by putting it on a hanger and exposing it to fresh air. Akris offers a selection of joggers made of 100% cashmere, that will allow you to enjoy this luxurious wool’s extraordinary qualities without compromise.

How to style cashmere joggers

The cashmere joggers by Akris are astounding pieces on their own, but if you combine them smartly, you can unfold their full potential. Due to the straight and timeless design, the pants can be styled in various ways. Pieces with a loose fit combined with a tight top or a pullover will create a beautiful silhouette. Do you want to create a laid-back look? Wear the joggers alongside a hoodie for a casual appearance. In case you wonder if you can wear your cashmere joggers in the office - the answer is “yes!” Style them with formal clothes such as a blazer, a blouse and high heels to create a modern and sophisticated appearance. Do you want to attract admiring glances? In combination with a printed t-shirt, cool boots and a leather jacket, you will pull off a funky and youthful outfit.

Whether you wear them as part of your loungewear set, or if you want to create a laid-back leisure outfit or combine them with an extraordinary business casual look - the lavish cashmere joggers by Akris are promising contenders to become your new favorite pieces. We recommend also taking a look at the selections of other garments by Akris made of cashmere, like sweaters, poncho capes or jackets!

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