The Ai bag, launched in October 2009 during the Spring/Summer 2010 Défilé in Paris, is the first handbag design of Akris. It was created in the collection’s signature shape, a subtle trapezoid relating to the form of the letter A of Akris, as well as in Albert Kriemler. It is a type of logo-less logo.

The Ai bag fully lives up to Albert’s belief that “functionality is beautiful”. He translated the modern refinement that can always be found in his ready-to-wear collections into this handbag that in essence is a tote bag, but when it is closed, the top corners fold, like origami, and are fastened by a discreet, custom-designed Akris clasp. The result is a trapezoidal shape – like a capital letter “A” with the pointed top removed.

This means the Ai bag can create three different looks: rectangular shopper, pure trapezoid tote and signature tote with turn lock.

Adding even more versatility, Albert also created the reversible Ai bag. As with Akris reversible double-face jackets or reversible coats, there is no wrong side to these bags. Using a different color for each side, the reversible Ai bags will be able to match almost any outfit. To make them even more interesting we have also added bags with different materials for each side. Nubuck on one, leather on the other, leather with denim print and leather, or simply leathers with different textures, the reversible Ai will not become boring.

Depending on what side you wear on the outside, different shapes can be created, either in a classic Ai manner, with the clasp outside, or with the internal pocket and removable zip pouch to the outside and the corners folded inside to create yet another trapezoid shape.

Every style Akris handbag is named, and begins with the letter A – an homage to the trapezoid.

Over the seasons new models, like the Anouk or the Aimée, have been added to the collection. Explore all handbags to find the perfect fit for you, and combine the newest Akris fashion with matching bags and Tillys.