The Spirit of the Season

Resort 2019 is defined by a lighthearted joie de vivre, centered around the Atelier as a place of self-expression, optimism and exuberance. 

Swiss Kiss

Shower your ego with kisses in delicate St Gallen embroidery on our tulle sheath dress. Stay warm at heart with our cashmere short coat and our covetable Ai little messenger bag in cervocalf leather.

Dancing Circles

An abundance of exquisite wool georgette bobs around your knees with the hoop print that talks art at every step. Add coolness with an exceptional cotton denim stretch and a cashmere silk knit tank

Push the Envelope

The Anouk Envelope bag is tailored for the quintessential everyday items you want to carry close to your body. Made of refined cervocalf leather in soft pop art colors or in Lip St.Gallen embroidery

Get Lip-a-licious for your weekend out of town

Yes, it is your vacation but then we are sure you already made a major bucket list of things to do, places to see and what you never have time for in your busy life. Here`s some lip service your personal stylist would give 

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