The Alpha-Woman's Label

Akris is a luxury fashion and accessories house for independent women with purpose. Its collections are designed by Creative Director Albert Kriemler. Founded in 1922 , the family-owned Swiss fashion house is globally revered for its exceptional fabrics and materials, meticulous tailoring and craftsmanship.

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All A Modern Woman Needs

A sleek business wardrobe that makes a modern woman feel confident and always right.


Double-face is an important element of the signature Akris look. It’s one layer of fabric with two identical sides, woven together on specially designed looms. To finish the edges, a tailor turns the two edges inward upon themselves. These turned-in edges are then hand-sewn to create invisible seams around the perimeter of the garment. The result is a lightweight, highly flexible unlined garment of a single layer of fabric.

St. Gallen Embroidery

Embroidery of Akris is very modern, with effects that are often based on geometrics or graphic design. St. Gallen’s specialty textile and embroidery houses obviously work with many fashion brands, but Akris has the advantage of being next door. This facilitates close collaboration with technical specialists at the fabric houses.


Natural, beautiful, refined, ultra-lightweight, animal friendly resilient and traditional – horsehair is an astonishing material. Its color becomes richer and more interesting over time. The ability to create refined horsehair accessories and small leather goods requires masterful artistry.

Horsehair is a very tricky and stubborn material to work with. A weaving machine can produce only about one meter of horsehair cloth in a day, so the material is very rare. No animal is harmed to process horsehair.

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