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The Inspiration

SQUARE, Grid and Play​

The rigor and order of clear lines and geometric shapes. Just when you think you have recognized the principle in German artist Reinhard Voigt's work, it takes you by surprise.

Voigt likes his grid to be lively, sensuous, unexpected in brilliant colors and with a witty humor. How else could one explain him choosing bright tulips and a woman's red lips for his grand triptychon, Drei Teile.

I was fascinated to learn that he developed his way of working as early as the late 60s. His painted portraits, flowers and landscapes, captured in what for today's eye appear as pixel, ahead of their time. He takes us into a pictorial world that has long since become reality.

Novemberday, Interior (Abstract)and Sunday with Jane imbuing poetry and grace in their abstract composition. Voigt once told me that his motive in art is raising the question, how far can reduction go without abandoning beauty.

I can relate to that. My work is driven by creating an essence. But never would we miss the spark of excitement, inherent in a woman walking down the street with those red lips on her chest.A true trompe l'oeil (fashion) moment. - Albert Kriemler, St.Gallen, March 7th, 2022

lookbook fw21 akris film defile

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