Little Alexa in Aloe

Aloe is a joyful color of Akris Resort 2022. It is a fresh new hue for spring that gives the practical Little Alexa a playful touch.

The Techno Trapezoid

A three-dimensional design is pressed into shape with custom-built embossing plates using pressure and heat. Finished with a water-resistant coating, the handbags crafted from this fabric are ideal for everyday use. 

Liquid Light

The Liquid Light prints of Akris Resort 2022 are inspired by photographs of Swiss artist Katalin Deér that capture the aura of sunlight on colored glass. Albert translates these works into handbags that are crafted from a translucent plexi material.

Tote Bags

In essence the Akris Ai is a tote bag, but when it is closed, the top corners fold, like origami, and are fastened by a discreet, custom-designed Akris clasp. The result is a trapezoidal shape – like a capital letter “A” with the pointed top removed.

Alexa Handbags

The Alexa fully lives up to Akris creative director Albert Kriemler's belief that "functionality is beautiful," especially when crafted from the signature Techno Trapezoid fabric. All Alexa models feature a top zip that protects your valuables. Little Alexa comes with a detachable shoulder strap for more carrying options.

Craftsmanship Bags

The Braided Trapezoid finish shows off the most elevated Akris craftsmanship. It is created by handweaving precision cut leather into the signature Akris trapezoid shape. The Tassel Pouch carries your essentials, but this unique look can also be found on the Akris Ai and Anouk.

Mini Handbags

When you only have few things to carry, mini bags are the elegant choice. The smallest Ai is a signature accessory, Little Anouk functions best as a wallet replacement and Little Alexa carries all your daily necessities.

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