To create this season’s striking, geometric Colorama print, Creative Director Albert Kriemler drew inspiration from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s “Color Theory”, the iconic German writer’s study of how we perceive colors.




Akris collections are made for women with a purpose. It was only natural, then, to have entrepreneur, activist and model Coco Rocha open our FW19 runway show in Paris last winter. Through her work, energy, authenticity, and vibrant personality, Rocha gives all women a strong message to make their mark.

Models like #CocoRocha and #Dilone — vibrant, empowered women who use their fame to help support other women. 








When selecting models to walk our #AkrisFW19 runway show in Paris last winter, we wanted women whose actions and belief systems aligned with the credo of our latest collection: Make your mark.



When Albert Kriemler unveiled the Ai bag, it came in surprising, rarefied, animal-friendly horsehair. 10 years on, he reimagines the Ai in multicolor horsehair intarsia.


Akris Ai Medium Messenger, Envelope and Scarf



Akris Envelope and its geometrical print inspired by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s “Color Theory”. 




In designing the daring FW19 collection, Akris Creative Director Albert Kriemler found another strong inspiration in visual artist #RichardArtschwager’s piece “All in good time”, a suite of eight larger-than-life exclamation points. “It's fascinating how he has selected natural horsehair, which is also the signature of Akris Accessories,” says Kriemler.

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