Resort 2022 Essentials

The Ai is transformed with photographic prints on a modern plexi material, perfectly mimicking the translucency of the colored glass of the photos by Swiss artist Katalin Deér that the Liquid Light prints are based on.

As a second color, the Mimosa Liquid Light print combines yellow, green, and subtle blue tones in a natural ensemble. Pair it with the matching scarf and bright yellow accessories like the Kinderstern charm or Braided Trapezoid tassel pouch.

Match what you carry and wear with new handbags, like the Little Alexa, and modern ready-to-wear cardigan in Aloe.

Made from textured leather, the small Akris Ai in Tangerine is a cheerful update to any wardrobe that does not sacrifice functionality.

The two-tone Akris punto techno cotton trench coat is made for the unpredictable weather of early spring. Cut from two tones of techno cotton fabric, it pairs equally well with denim and white.

The Bonded Seam Parka is crafted to protect. A lightweight outer shell protects from water and wind. Bonded seams keep everything out. The inner quilted layer will keep you warm and features a signature dot design.

A dark denim Akris punto combination made up of a belted jacket and high-rise jeans. Contrast stitching is an essential element, enhancing the slim silhouette of the jacket with contouring seams and classic jeans aspects of the pants.

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