Dare To Stand Out

Akris is known for its classy tailoring and neutral colors. In the mood for something a little more daring? Then discover the electric blue dot print on faux pony. It is perfectly fitting for a night out and for when you feel like making heads turn.

Back To Basics

Apart from the colorful prints, Akris punto also offers basic pieces, that belong into every wardrobe. The black statement items are easy to throw on for various occasions. Stock up your closet with the necessities!

Signature Dots

Something that defines Akris punto and cannot be missed out on are the Signature Dots. The classic pattern never goes out of style and gives every outfit that extra classy touch. It can be found on dresses, jackets and blouses and on various materials, so you can for sure find something that matches your exceptional taste.

Business Essentials

Women conquer the business world every day. They need to able to go from meeting to meeting and focus fully on their success without having to worry about their outfits. That is exactly what the Black Basic Program is for. Akris punto let’s businesswomen look classy and professional, while making them feel comfortable and confident.

All Black Everything

Black is the most convenient color, when it comes to picking an outfit. It is classy, easy to combine and makes you look confident while radiating a certain level of authority. Fill your closet with items of the Black Basic Program and never worry again about what to wear.