Minimal and Modern

Oftentimes less can be more. A cardigan in cashmere or cotton in neutral tones, a white skirt or pants and a small crossbody bag like the Akris Anouk for your daily essentials is all you need to create a minimal modern transitional look.

The September Update Is Here

The Akris Gan Jacket is a true feel-good piece, that inspires confidence, whether worn for corporate events or dinner with friends. Expertly tailored from soft cashmere silk twill stretch it is comfortable, the soft blue ice tone is an easy choice for the warmer seasons and gives you infinite styling options. Pair it with white pants for a classic look or choose denim to create and effortless ensemble.

Focus on Fabric

The most coveted cashmere and unique silk blends create an unmatched feeling on your skin. Timeless pieces, that find the perfect balance between elegance and comfort, underscore the beauty of natural materials, without color.  

Form and Function

With this Nappa leather field jacket form and function go hand in hand. It is universally flattering and effortlessly cool while offering practicality thanks to cargo pockets and a versatile collar. Pair it with a Akris Anouk crossbody bag in a combination of Raffia and leather that will carry all your daily essentials. Or size up to a Akris Ai in the same materials when you need to bring more.

Sheltering Silk Parkas

Dark navy that reminds us of the high seas and silk parkas that fight off wind and rain in the most elegant way. Prepare for a windy day by the shore or in the city with a monochrome look in the color of the ocean and natural fibers.

Emanate Confidence

Emanate confidence with a sharp look in all black. A sleeveless silk top and Double-Face pants are perfect when things get serious this summer. Add a wool Double-Face jacket for cooler days and show that you have nothing to hide with a Lasercut Kinderstern Akris Ai handbag.

Double-Face and Denim

Combine a Double-Face jacket and refined denim pants for an infinitely versatile look. Merging the ultimate luxury of Double-Face and the nonchalance of denim, this combination will accompany you anywhere.  

Sensual Trapezoids

The Trapezoid that represents the A in Akris in these monochrome silk blend jacquard items creates the most understated monogram look and a sensual semi-sheer material. This logo-less logo is also the shape of the Akris Ai handbag and has been integrated into material such as quilted leather or a custom Techno Trapezoid fabric.

Leather for the Future

Sharply cut black leather jackets are a modern essential with a futuristic look that will never go out of fashion. Combined with semi-sheer silk jacquard knits they have a feminine appeal and create a strong outfit perfect for the warmer days of fall.

Bright White

Minimalist luxury in bright white for sunny days. An open cropped jacket made of cashmere Double-Face is the perfect way to wear this unmatched material during the last warm days of the year. Paired with a sea-island cotton top and maxi skirt for a modern look.

Everyday Essentials

Find your new everyday essentials. Held in crisp white and dark navy, this selection is perfect for everyday wear, wherever you go.

Artful Accessories

Add an artful touch to your outfit with the accessories inspired by the German artist Imi Knoebel’s work “Tiger Woods” or complete the look with matching Navy and Lilola ready-to-wear items. The casual combination of soft cotton and dark denim is perfect for everyday wear, especially when elevated with a printed cashmere silk scarf and pouch.

Everyday Essentials

Find your new everyday essentials. Held in crisp white and dark navy, this selection is perfect for everyday wear, wherever you go.

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