Artful Prints

For Resort 2022, the Akris Ai is reinterpreted in modern plexi. The translucent material shows the Liquid Light prints, inspired by photographs by Swiss artist Katalin Deér. You will also find it on new collectors scarves, that will make everyone's holidays brighter.

Elegant Combinations

Pair the Liquid Light prints with the subtle colors of Resort 2022. Slate is a cool gray that pairs perfectly with the new prints.

Liquid Light

The brilliant Liquid Light print is one of the main inspirations of the season.

A Joyful Take

The Akris Ai in Liquid Light printed plexi is a joyful take on the iconic Akris bag.

Subtle Tones

As a second color, the Mimosa Liquid Light print combines yellow, green, and subtle blue tones in a natural ensemble. Pair it with the matching scarf and bright yellow accessories like the Kinderstern charm or Braided Trapezoid tassel pouch. 

Small Accessories

Made from textured leather, the small Akris Ai in Tangerine is a cheerful update to any wardrobe that does not sacrifice functionality. Add a cashmere silk scarf or silk twilly featuring the Liquid Light print.

Cozy Knits

Multi-colored knit in the tones of the Liquid Light print pair perfectly with the accessories of the season, or simply add a touch of joyful color to your look. Crafted in cashmere, these cozy pieces are fitting for the holiday season. 

Smooth. Soft. Leather

The Little Alexa receives new seasonal colors. The smooth softcalf leather gives it an elegant and refined appearance. Discover this practical bag in a new way.

Love For Fabric

The little Ai in Braided Trapezoids and small Ai in horsehair boast signature Akris finishes, expressing the love for material and fabric, as well as artisan craftsmanship the house possesses.  

Unique Craftsmanship

Horsehair takes color especially well. Over time, the unique fabric will become only better. Today, only a handful of people are able to express this level of craftsmanship. 

All Matching

Match what you carry and wear with new handbags and modern ready-to-wear in Aloe. 

Add A Cool Touch

For a more understated look, Slate ready-to-wear and the new Little Alexa in Vespa blue add a cool touch. 

Animal-Friendly Luxury

Horsehair is a luxury material like no other. Natural, beautiful, refined, ultra-lightweight, resilient yet animal friendly – horsehair is a very rarefied material, and one of the best kept secrets in accessories. It is also a Akris signature material that has been used for handbags since the launch of the first Akris Ai in 2009. Now also available on necklaces with horsehair tassle and small leather goods.  

A New Interpretation

The Ai with Mirrored Trapezoid Lasercut is a tribute to the signature Akris shape. In the design, big and small trapezoidal cutouts infinitely mirroring each other. The inside bag is matched to the outside color in material and tone. Discover this new interpretation of the Ai here. 

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