The Inspiration

I remember my grandmother, Alice, as she donned her apron before stepping out to the atelier every day. That moment, it taught me about women, confidence, designing. It all started with her, founding our house sewing aprons from St.Gallenfabrics and embroideries in 1922. This collection is my re-evaluation of the apron. And an homage to her, Alice.
Albert Kriemler

The Akris Spring/Summer 2022 collection is infused by the roots of the house, and the idea to create something new from them. A synthesis of the past and the present, most visible in sleek, modern patchwork suits and dresses, made of archive embroideries. These are complemented by the St.Gallen Sky and Seealpsee prints. The work by artist Katalin Deér transposes a narrative of untamed nature onto shirts, pants, and dresses. An ode to the Swiss alps, a source of infinite inspiration for both Alice and Albert.

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