The Looks

A woman and an apron. That dynamic, almost intuitive move, when she pops it over and wraps it around herself, there is something protective and powerful about it. An apron adds structure, posture, a discreet resilience. Reduced and edited to its essence, its cut, more felt than forced. It provokes the idea that a woman tends to look most confident, strong and free in clothes that make her feel her best self. Fashion is a language, we all know. But first and foremost it is a conversation between a woman, her body and her clothes. Albert Kriemler

For Spring/Summer 2022 Albert Kriemler designed a collection evolving around the apron of today. Intrigued by an apron's simple yet fitted and precision-cut form, he created an ensemble of tailored apron corsages and gowns, echoed by strappy dresses, and layered knit aprons with a modern verve and at ease appeal.