True Blue

Dive into this refreshing hue. Take it head-to-toe in our favorite cotton shirtdress. Or just a spash with the summer's Aicon bag. Shop the new collection and find your True Blue.

The Knit Jacket

Where comfort and polish meet, the Akris cashmere knit jacket is a wardrobe staple. Paired with our new Flavin pants and Window Print Anouk Envelope for a summer pop.

No-fuss Dresses

The summer sun always calls for the perfect dress. We love these easy and breezy silhouettes to dress up your day.

The Collector's Print

Albert Kriemler pioneered the technology of digital photo print on sophisticated fabrics from his early days at Akris. And while the prints are his inspiration of a season, they became collector items, coveted by the women who wear them for years. Introducing this season's Window Print. Which piece will you collect?

The Summer Aicon

Launched in celebration of the 10 years of our Ai bag, the Aicon bag has earned its own place in the Akris Handbag Collection. Now available in our must-have Little Messenger Aicon silhouette. The same embosed details with optional functionality of the crossbody strap.

The Scarf Edit

A perfect touch of Akris finesse, scarves are an immersion in color and comfort. All Akris scarves are of the finest natural fibers like cashmere and silk. Perfect for layering or coiled around your hair.

The Nonchalant Pajama

A matching shirt and pant. Effortless, feminine. As an expression of style this flattering pajama implies a nonchalance, while still looking pulled together. Here in this striking, revived 70’s print created by Albert’s father, Max Kriemler.

The Trapezoid Detail

The trapezoid shape, derived from the A in Akris, is a defining element of the Akris vernacular, a no-logo logo, and in this season found in shapes and details of functionality, from belt buckles to button closures.

Techno Trapezoid

Expect more from your handbag. The Techno Trapezoid Fabric is light-weight and durable. Availble in our iconic Ai bag, Litte Aounk Day or Belt Bag. All can take you from morning until night.

The Gamechanger

The two-piece dress. This clever invention in super-fluid techno cotton combines the smartness of a dress with the versatility of two separates. Wear the two together and you have a modern approach to the day dress. Split them up and these pieces can be combined, added and replaced seamlessly from season to season.

The Iconic Ai Bag

40 Years of Shaping Modernism at Akris. With his Pre-Fall 2020 collection, Albert Kriemler is celebrating 40 years at the helm of Akris design where he is writing his story of modernism. For the occasion, he created a collection of signature items defining the Akris vernacular. Akris believes in simple allure. And with the Ai bag, a traditional tote with sides foldable in and outwards to a trapezoid, it proved the point. Unveiled in autumn 2009, introducing horsehair as an unexpected accessories material, the Ai bags trapezoidal shape spells “A” as in Akris, Albert and Architecture in a very inconspicuous way.

“I have not the slightest interest to show past memories. It’s important to bring inspiration forward. It’s a gift when you can develop something in life. I’m open to the new.”

Albert Kriemler

The Sophisticated Parka

The take-you-anywhere item of the season. Made of crease-resistant silk organza, this Akris parka has the ability keep you comfortable in cool summer nights. Make a head-to-toe statement with the matching checked skirt. Or break it up for a relaxed and sporty look. Also available in solid black or navy in our Kansas parka.

The Art and Craft of Cashmere Double-Face

It only takes an encounter with a particular garment to appreciate Albert’s ability to empower. Especially Akris' cashmere double-face. A single layer of fabric with no internal structure to give a perfect shape and feel. A cardigan coat and leather pants, an everything ensemble that provides protection, resilience, comfort and style. Irresistible.

All Leather Armour

There are days when a woman feels like wearing armor, especially when you know how soft, comfortable and feminine it can feel. This Akris all leather shield is long enough to protect a woman’s core and light enough to move fast.

The Jacket

No Akris show is complete without a suit. Suits are Albert’s chef d’oeuvre. The jacket is essential. Supreme tailoring knowledge, expert hands, three generations of experience on how a shoulder should be cut, ironed, molded. Paired with sleek Akris pants in extra light wool double-face for powerful, and above all, ultra-modern women.

The Just-Perfect Blouse and Pants

The effortlessness of this look feels right for the moment– just a woman, a blouse and pants. There is no outfit that says more easy-to-wear than this feminine, yet professional synthesis of style. The timeless outfit of a woman in her prime. A favorite day look of Albert's mother, Ute Kriemler.

The Versatile Moto Jacket

The moto jacket that rock’n’roll created, reduced to its essentials. Cut for a dynamic silhouette, a hint of fearless attitude and an unconventional mindset that does not need to provocate to communicate individuality.

Craftsmanship At Its Finest

Our new woven leather handbags are sophisticated in rich neutrals such as navy and mocha. Pair back to white for a crisp Summer look or ground it to darker hues come Fall.

The Akris Suit

The power of Akris tailoring lies in its quiet confidence: It’s more felt than forced. With a cropped blazer, the new trouser suit is refreshing the code of suiting. A winning combination of soft formality and effortless elegance.

The Reversible

Kriemler’s lust for fabrics never fails to enthrall. This bomber jacket makes every outfit look instantly chic. It is the allure of finest silk that gives it a spin. Yet it’s best kept secret: it has double the wear. The unique softness of the inside shearling can be worn against your skin or reversed for a whole new look.

Polished Yet Unstructured

Our tweed cardigan jacket will have you looking sharp for any virtual meetings and relaxed when paired back to these sport separates. Carry this look into chiller days with the matching wrap coat.

Feminine But Never Frilly

This season's flounce sleeve will add a festive spirit to a casual evening with family or friends. The proportions strike just the right balance in this little black dress. Achieve the same flare with fun and easy separates.

Navy Meets Chestnut

Ease into the new season with crisp color-blocking in a sophisticated palette. The sleevless crepe dress is the perfect piece for early Fall days.

Woven Trapezoid

Our logo-less logo, the trapezoid, adds subtle texture and a touch of edge to the top handle Ai and Anouk Day bags. Indulge in a contrast weave or keep it monochromatic.

Hit The Mark of Perfection

A subtle check is always right in the iconic apron pleat dress. Classically cool when styled back to a cropped zip cardigan. Or sporty chic when layered with suede. Keep it monochromatic with the woven trapezoid Ai bag.

Hues of Fall. Weights for Summer.

The Akris seersucker suit will keep you feeling right-on-schedule. Slip your jacket off and still feel polished in our silk jersey tee. Finshed off with the new woven Ai bag.

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