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The Akris Ai was presented in October 2009 during the S/S 2010 Défilé in Paris. It was the first Akris bag. In the most basic sense, the trapezoid shape symbolizes the capital „A” in Akris as well as in Albert Kriemler, becoming in effect a type of logo-less logo. While researching visual vocabulary for Akris accessories, a trapezoidal pavilion caught Albert’s eye. Built by a young Mexican architect, Tatiana Bilbao, it was recognized as one of the 17 pavilions in the Jinhua Architecture Park near Shanghai, China. In a very symbolic way, its shape spelled “A” to Albert Kriemler. The trapezoid became the logo that stays true to the understated and simple allure of the house. Since then, it has emerged as the key visual of Akris, and is now expressed in shape of clasps, buckles, and details on both ready-to-wear and accessories.

The Ai bag is a truly extraordinary handbag that fully lives up to Albert’s belief that “functionality is beautiful.” In essence it is tote bag, but when it is closed, the top corners fold, like origami, and are fastened by a discreet, custom-designed Akris clasp. The result is a trapezoidal shape – like a capital letter “A” with the pointed top removed.
3 convertible looks can be created: rectangular shopper, pure trapezoid tote, or signature tote with turn lock. There are two different variations of the Ai: A messenger bag with shoulder strap and top handles, and a shoulder bag with longer top handels. The Ai comes in micro, little, small and medium sizes.

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