The impressive, understated history of Akris is expressed in the title of the book. Its location, history, tradition and the people shape the fashion house's unique identity. Proudly, but without a fuss, the book looks back at the humble beginnings as an apron atelier, its ascent into the world of high fashion and its unusual location in St. Gallen, the center of a once booming Swiss textile industry.​


The design by Swiss graphic designers Sonja Haller and Pascal Brun, based in Amsterdam, and photographs by renowned photographer Iwan Baan distinguish this work and make it a manifesto for the future - for the pursuit of the new and unseen. Edited by Peter and Albert Kriemler, the third-generation owners of Akris, and published by Lars Müller, the book brings together contributions from renowned fashion journalists as Nicole Phelps and Jessica Iredale on fabrics and colors, collaborations with artists and architects, and Albert Kriemler's mission to dress the woman of today and tomorrow.  ​


The backbone of the large-format book is a defile of the collections since 2004, with comments by Albert Kriemler, the designer, who offers insights into his inspirations from art and architecture. The retrospective is introduced by a photo essay of vintage models from 1979-1992, shot at Walter Förderer's architectural icon, the Brutalist-style main building of the University of St. Gallen (1963). The spirit of Akris and the closely interwoven history of St. Gallen, especially of the world-famous St. Gallen embroidery, are outlined in inserts and summarized in an essay by Swiss author Daniel Binswanger. It also goes without saying that Akris pays tribute to its team of master embroiderers in generous portraits. Many have been with the company for decades and are jointly responsible for the unique Akris look.​


The tactile and color richness of Akris is interpreted and translated in the materiality of the book. Fashion is an exception in the publisher's program. In this book, however, it is combined with the highest standards of art, design and architecture.​

Akris – A Century in Fashion

Edited by Peter Kriemler, Albert Kriemler​

With photographs by Iwan Baan and contributions by Daniel Binswanger, Jessica Iredale, Nicole Phelps, Anne Urbauer, Nicole Urbschat​

Design: Haller Brun​

Publisher: Lars Müller Publishers​

Also available in select bookstores.

22 x 30 cm, 8 ½ x 11 ¾ in, 320 pages​

ISBN 978-3-03778-707-6, English​

Euros 85.00


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