Albert Kriemler

For Creative Director Albert Kriemler, the purpose of fashion is to make a woman’s life less complicated, and to enhance, rather than hide, her natural beauty and grace. To Albert, the importance of fashion extends far beyond its aesthetic properties. He sees it as a protective sheath that enters into a sensual dialogue with the body of the woman who wears it.

For this reason, fabric is always Albert’s starting point. He explains, “When I touch a fabric, it tells me what I can do with it. Then I start to draw.” From there, Albert considers a woman’s lifestyle—where she is going, what she is doing, how she wants to feel—and he goes on to create the most refined pieces for every moment in her busy life. The discreetly luxurious designs complement her body and express her individuality. Albert shares, “When a woman walks into a room, I want people to notice her personality first and her clothing second.”

Albert has a passion for art and often collaborates with exceptional painters, sculptors, photographers and architects on his collections. He has previously worked with influential artists such as Carmen Herrera, Geta Brătescu, Rodney Graham and Thomas Ruff.

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