It All Begins With The Fabric

“The creative process begins when I take a piece of fabric in my hand. When I touch it, it tells me what I can do with it. Then I start to draw,” says Albert Kriemler. “It all begins with the fabric.” 


Double-face is one layer of fabric with two right sides. It is created by weaving together two layers on specially designed looms. The seaming and edge finishing can only be done by hand. Crafting a jacket from double-face takes one and a half to two days of sewing. Items that are created from double-face fabrics that are light, exceptionally elastic and comfortable.


No other material is as soft, fine, warm, and versatile as cashmere. The exceptionally thin fibers that this luxurious material is made of provide natural lightweight insulation without bulk. Cashmere is the ideal foundation of comfortable knitwear, elegant coats and refined fabric blends.


Silk is an incredible material very much appreciated for the comfort it provides. Silk clothing will keep you warm in winter and fresh in summer, while being light to wear.


St.Gallen has a reputation for being one of the leading textile capitals of the world and is renowned for its unique embroidery. Around 1910, more than fifty percent of the world's embroidery production came from the picturesque town in Eastern Switzerland. And there has hardly been a designer – from Christian Dior to Marc Jacobs – that has not been allured by the grandeur of St.Gallen's remaining cluster. Albert Kriemler closely works with the embroidery houses in the area to create unique patterns and embroidery fabrics, refining each unti it gets just the right look and feel.

Horsehair Fabric

The Akris accessories will become softer and supple with use. As with all colorings of natural products, lighter and pastel colors are more sensitive than darker shades. If small hairs protrude from the fabric, they can simply be removed with an electric razor by gently gliding the razor over the affected surface in a circular motion. The leather sections must not be touched in the process. We recommend that you have this treatment carried out by our trained employees in the Akris boutiques as needed..

Printed Fabric

Akris signature prints are created with screen printing techniques using specific printing colors on pretreated fabric. To protect the printed fabric, we recommend the same care treatments as for techno fabric.

Techno Fabric

Our technical material is produced with a 3D embossing technique. A three-dimensional design is pressed into shape with custom-built embossing plates using pressure and heat. The product is finished with a water-resistant coating. If needed, a brush can be used to remove staining. We recommend not to use any liquids or other substances for cleaning.

Satin Fabric

Satin fabrics are characterized by a smooth surface and a significant luxurious sheen, with silk satin being the highest quality. If needed, a very soft brush can be used to remove staining. We recommend not to use any liquids or other substances for cleaning.

Canvas Fabric

This material is woven in a classical sailcloth structure. The yarns generate a velvety surface which is finished with a water-resistant coating. To protect the canvas fabric we recommend the same care treatments as for techno fabric.

Plexi Foil

As a high fashion material, this technical foil is part of the accessories collection. It is soft and flexible and has a shiny transparent look. The material should be protected against heat and scratching surfaces, dirt and moisture can be wiped off with a soft cloth.


Leathers need to be protected from wet-ness and moisture. If rain droplets are not wiped off quickly, spots may form on the surface that cannot be removed. To protect the leather against moisture, it should be professionally treated for weather resistance on a regular basis. This is best left to the Akris boutiques or a specialist in leather care and should not be attempted otherwise. Unsuitable substances and techniques may damage the material.

Printed Leather

During the procedure the leather is refined in a silk-screen printing process. Its design is applied with specifically suitable colors directly onto the calf-skin and sealed with a transparent protective lacquer. To protect the printed leather, we recommend the same treatment methods as for the unicolored calf-skin. To remove superficial impureness a soft brush can be used.

Hammered Leather

The high-quality and reflective leather is created in an elaborate finishing process based on calfskin leather. The metallic surface is embossed to resemble a hammered steel surface. To protect the leather and uphold the reflective effect it should be polished regularly. For any treatment, the leather is best handed to an expert at an Akris boutique or retailer.

Metal Components

Every single metal component is handmade by Italian craftsmen. The raw form from brass is handcrafted in parts and cast by hand. Much like the mechanical construction of clocks, the craftsmen work to join fine pieces from individual components. Thus, any repairs necessary should be done by the original craftsmen which can be arranged through Akris boutiques and Akris points of distribution.

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