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Luxurious Designer Coats for Any Occasion and Season - Akris

Modern style and innovative materials are the foundation of the coats by Akris. Sophisticated pieces with flair. Shop luxurious coats in the online shop.

Designer coats for women by Akris

Whether it’s a trenchcoat for the spring or a wool coat for the winter - Akris offers a wide selection of luxurious designer coats for women that will enhance any look with their beautiful exteriors in any season. Other than their chic designs, those coats will also win you over with their functional qualities. One of them is the innovative technology “storm system finish”, which guarantees the windproof and watertight quality of the coat’s upper material.

Set a statement with extraordinary coats

Coats are the preferred outerwear for many women, not only in the cold season. Due to its characteristic length, this kind of garment will protect you against freezing winds, rain or cold temperatures, but it will also contribute to a flattering silhouette and an elegant appearance. The designer coats by Akris will delight you with their beautiful exteriors that will combine timeless cuts with an extraordinary flair. Refined visual details like ornate prints or colors that are rich in contrast will contribute to the noble design and add a certain je ne sais quoi. Among the selection, you can find designer coats in bright colors with geometrical patterns that will lighten up your mood even on cold and rainy days. Are you looking for a timeless and chic coat? Akris offers elegant trench coats for any season that will never go out of style! Whether they are made of leather, cashmere or camel hair, they will contribute to a glamorous appearance, especially if they are worn over a dress or a skirt. Parkas and jackets with an oversize cut are very pleasant to wear and will create a playful style.

Beautiful designer coats made of luxurious fabrics

Many designer coats by Akris are made of luxurious materials that will upgrade those beautiful garments even more! For winter coats, wool and other exquisite natural fibers are processed into the fabric like: ● cashmere ● camel hair ● silk ● nappa leather Only the best materials are used for those garments, so you can enjoy excellent quality. Fabrics made of silk or cashmere will not only win you over with their luxurious texture, but with their functional qualities too. They are temperature regulating, heat-insulating and breathable, and because of that, this outerwear will keep you warm, but you will not overheat or get sweaty when wearing them.

Coats with double face

In the selection, you can also find designer coats made of double face fabric. This textile grants many benefits for the wearer. The front and the inside of the double face clothes consist of two identical layers that are interwoven. These garments do not need lining and will delight you with their excellent wearing comfort, their light weight and their low maintenance. They are flexible and will adjust perfectly to your individual body shape. Additionally, double face fabrics are crease resistant and the surface will remain smooth and immaculate even after using them. Because of this, they don’t need to be ironed, it’s enough to put them over a hanger and the next day, they are fit to be worn again! Whether it’s in winter, between seasons or in spring- with the designer coats by Akris you are perfectly prepared for all weather conditions, and you will always have an elegant appearance. Whether you wear them to a festive occasion over your evening gown or if you wear them in everyday life - wool coats or trench coats are the perfect all-rounders and can be combined with dresses, skirts or pants. We recommend taking a look at the selection of jackets, tops, knitwear or handbags by Akris.

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