Elegant Designer Top Handle Bags for Women by Akris

An elegant top-handle handbag is the perfect statement piece to top off your look. The most essential of all bag silhouettes, the top handle bag should not be missing in any women's closet. The Akris Ai top handle bag comes with a crossbody strap to bring more versatility into your everyday wardrobe. Explore the versatile folding shape and different carrying options. Akris offers bags in beautiful designs made of leather or horsehair.

Beautiful top-handle handbags by Akris

Handbags are one of the most loyal companions of a woman, and we don’t want to go without them. A wallet, sunglasses and keys are typical assets that we carry around in our handbags from day to day. Depending on the outfit or the occasion, we will choose different models in different sizes, designs and shapes. Top-handle handbags are unquestionably among the most beautiful and timeless bags, and they are more popular than ever! Discover the selection of luxurious top-handle handbags by Akris and find your new favorite piece!

What is a top-handle handbag?

The defining quality of a top-handle handbag is the distinctive handle on the top of the bag. This type of handbag has been around for a long time because even the earliest handbag models featured a handle to carry them around. The modern top-handle handbag usually has only one or two handles. Compared to other handbag models, those handles are rather short, but Akris offers handbags with handles that have various lengths. You can find models with classic short handles that can be carried by looping them around the wrist, but you can also choose bags with longer handles that you can hang over your shoulder.

Complete your look with a top-handle handbag

In its classic form, with a short handle, the top-handle handbag is not worn hanging around the upper body or over the shoulder, but carried in the hand, or looped around the wrist or in the crook of the arm. Due to that, top-handle handbags are true statement pieces that will draw everyone’s attention and can be used to top off your outfit stylishly. Even though there are pieces with longer handles, the way they are carried is the most distinguishing quality of the top-handle handbag and adds a certain elegance to your appearance. For everyday life, it’s often more convenient to hang the bags over your shoulder or across your upper body, though. Because of this, most models can be equipped with slings or carrying straps.

Discover the variety of top-handle handbags by Akris

A beautiful top-handle handbag is not only an elegant companion in your day-to-day life, it's the perfect handbag for formal occasions. Whether it’s a business meeting, a wedding or if you are attending a play in the theater, those noble pieces will enhance your look. Compared to other elegant purses, like clutches, you will benefit from the spacious interior of the top-handle handbags by Akris. Those bags come in various designs, shapes and shades. Whether it’s a classic black handbag or if it’s an extraordinary statement piece in bright colors, this selection leaves nothing to be desired. The pieces are made of the finest materials! Other than bags made of calf leather, you can also find pieces made of horsehair. This textile is made of hairs won from a horse’s tail and will not only delight you with its sturdiness and longevity, but will also change its color over time. Due to that, every piece is unique. Take a look at the wide selection of top-handle handbags by Akris and also discover other beautiful handbags in the online shop and you might find another beautiful piece that you can add to your collection! Akris offers a variety of messenger bags, crossbody bags and tote bags. Because we all know: You can never have too many handbags.

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