Akris Handbags in Techno Trapezoid fabric

The Akris handbags in Techno Trapezoid fabric are created with functionality in mind and for daily wear. The Techno Trapezoid fabric is produced with a 3D embossing technique. A three-dimensional design is pressed into shape with custom-built embossing plates using pressure and heat. The fabric is finished with a water-resistant coating.

Ai Shoulder Bag in Techno Trapezoid Fabric

Ai is the most iconic Akris bag. The trapezoid shape represents the A in Akris and in Albert Kriemler. Ai can be folded into three different shapes: When opened it is a Rectangular Shopper, with the corners folded inside it is a Pure Trapezoid Tote, and with the corners folded on the outside and closed with the custom turn lock, it becomes a Signature Messenger. Available in small and medium sizes. Discover all Akris Ai handbags here.

Anouk Day Bag and Small Belt Bag

Anouk comes in many different shapes and sizes. The little Anouk Day Bag in Techno Trapezoid fabric comes with a detachable strap and meant to carry your daily essentials. The small belt bag comes on an elastic leather belt. Take it off to carry this Anouk as a clutch. Discover all Akris Anouk handbags here.

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