Modern Essentials

The Akris Architectural (AA) collection knows no trends or seasons. It is a modern, refined, and consistent selection of luxury essentials that are made to stand the test of time. Created with the best materials nature has to offer.

Timeless Pieces

The Akris Architectural collection is all about refreshing your look with contemporary takes on timeless wardrobe staples. Discover pieces like this Double Face sleeveless dress.

A Truly Unique Piece

Akris Jackets communicate femininity and a level of authority. Wear them with a stylish dress that travels well, such as the Double-face Wool Dress.

A Quintessential Look

Looking ahead to when you'll have the chance to journey near or far once again? Here’s a little source of inspiration: a sleeveless A-line dress in the unique Akris Double-Face wool, combined with a short nappa leather jacket.

Add The Final Touch Of Luxury

The iconic Akris Ai bag made from cervocalf leather is as fashionable as it is functional and resilient. Available in two sizes - Small and Medium.

Business Wardrobe Essentials

Signature Akris Double-Face wool blazers communicate femininity and a certain level of authority, perfect for all modern women in today's business world. Easy to pair with skirts, dresses or, as in this case, with our customers' favorite Melissa pant, presented here in their Double-Face wool version, Akris jackets are a must-have for any business wardrobe. 

Striking Confidence

The Akris Architectural (AA) collection is everything a business woman could wish for. Designed to bring out the best in every woman, these AA pieces will enhance your natural confidence. 

Classic Elegance

Confidently breeze through your meetings in the Silk Crêpe Tunic blouse, paired here with the Double-Face Wool Skirt. Style with a leather jacket for a more laidback look. 


Designed with a sustainable approach, Akris’ signature double layered coats will give you plenty of versatility with each wear. Easily switch up your look depending on the weather and your mood.

Exceptionally crafted from signature materials like cashmere and silk, the Double-Layered Cashmere Coat with Detachable Silk Layer will be your go-to pick for any occasion.

Expert Craftmanship

The ability to create refined horsehair accessories and small leather goods requires highly specialized artistry. In today's industrial world of luxury, only very few experts, like the ones at Akris, have mastered this traditional craft. 


At Akris, clothing is as functional as it is fashionable. While the weather will forever be unpredictable, there is no need to stress anymore with Akris’ silk and taffeta parka. Stylish, warm, and water-repellent, this coat will get you through your day, no matter what the forecast ends up being. 

Sleek and Refined

These sleek and season-less styles will ensure you stay polished and sophisticated, no matter what you may have going on with your day. 

First Impressions

"Never underestimate the importance to make that first impression", says Akris Creative Designer Albert Kriemler. This Cashmere Double-Face Coat will help you break the ice, wherever you land.

Effortlessly Versatile

"Wear a cool coat that travels well, and pairs equally well with pants and dresses", is the styling advice from Albert Kriemler. If you are looking for a multi-purpose coat as described, then you cannot go wrong with this Cashmere Double-Face Coat.

Casual Styling

If you are looking for something more casual, but still modern, have a look at the Cotton Denim Stretch Pant, combined with the Cashmere Double-Face Coat.

All Business

Add this Double-Face Wool Coat Dress to your business wardrobe. With its classic look you can walk confidently from meeting to meeting and make your mark in life.

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