A Woman and an Apron

There is no Akris collection without St. Gallen embroidery. In 1922, Albert Kriemler's grandmother, Alice Kriemler-Schoch, founded an atelier for aprons made of and with embroidery, laying the foundation for today's fashion house. Since then, embroidery has been a central part of Akris and is always part of Albert Kriemler's creative process.

A Swiss Gem

It all began with monks weaving linen in the Middle Ages. They paved the way for St. Gallen's world-renowned textile excellence. With embroidery, the city in the foothills of the Swiss Alps achieved global fame. In 1910, more than fifty percent of the world's embroidery came from eastern Switzerland, and even today, there is hardly an international fashion house that is not fascinated by the creativity and know-how of St. Gallen's embroidery manufacturers. 

Discover Akris Fashion with St. Galler Embroidery
Close-up of a machine producing the finest embroideries.

This is Embroidery!

The quality of the embroidery that Forster Rohner, Bischoff, and Jakob Schlaepfer produce to this day can no longer be found anywhere else in the world. Every season, Albert Kriemler and his team work with them to develop new fabrics and innovative techniques that have nothing to do with the retro charm of fleeting fashions. Instead, their modern yet timeless style builds on clean lines and geometric shapes, making them thoroughly state-of-the-art. One such example is the LED embroidery, which, inspired by the works of artist Thomas Ruff, creates a starry sky effect. It was created for the Fall/Winter 2014 collection in collaboration with Forster Rohner and is now part of various museum collections.​

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