Woman with Purpose: Jeong Sun Ah

Woman with Purpose: Jeong Sun Ah

Jeong Sun Ah is one of the most loved female musical actors in Korea right now. Making her debut on stage at the age of 19, she very quickly rose to stardom in the Korean production of “Rent”, “Evita”, and “Wicked”. On the occasion of International Mother's Day, Akris caught up with the new mom to talk about her return to stage and the close bond between mothers and daughters.

When did you realized that musical theater is your passion and your career?

When I was 15 years old, in my second year of middle school, I saw a musical called ‘Broadway 42nd Street’ and I knew I wanted to become a musical actress. That dream never changed.

Do you believe in the power of music? If so, why do you think music affects people?

Music is a genre that transcends time, space, and language and really gives everyone beautiful and happy feelings. People from all over the world become one through music, that is why I think music is a genre that is indispensable in my life and in the lives of others.

What is the best and the worst part of being an actress?

The best thing about being an actress is that I live a new life as a different character every time. I am on stage for that experience. Of course, there is always a sense of duty to work harder on self-management and physical fitness if you are as visible as an actress. But I think that parts of that motivate me to be more diligent and make my life a little happier.

Please tell us about your most memorable works so far.

Definitively the musical “If/Then,” which I just recently did, because it felt a little different from the previous ones. I was very nervous because I returned to stage after a long baby break. But when I finally got on stage on opening night, I was able to wash off all the insecurities that I had. I cried my eyes out afterwards and will always cherish that performance. “Wicked” in which I played Glinda, every musical actress' dream, was also an unforgettable experience. I like musicals with a positive atmosphere, because they always make me not wondering too much about “How does my voice sounds?”, but rather having fun together with the audience. Making others laugh and to entertain feels like a catharsis.

Is there a quote or life motto you try to live by?

I believe there are ups and downs in life, and it seems that when bad things happen, good things follow. So I often remind myself of the saying, "Don't be too conceited when things go well, don't be depressed when things don't go well, let's live with a positive mind!" Which is especially important to me, when I am stage. I want to give a good energy to the audience.

As a newly mother, how do you find a positive work-life balance?

I recently had a baby. I am not sure if I am always doing well. However, I try to have a positive mind. Before the baby I focused a lot on my success, now I miss my family a lot. But thinking of them gives me strength and energy, they are my driving force.

Many people around the world will soon celebrate International Mother's Day. Can you share with us what motherhood has taught you?

I finally realized that my mother is the one person that knows me best, loves me unconditionally, and cares for me like nobody else. Like most daughters, I fought a lot with my mother, but after giving birth to my daughter and becoming a mother myself, I think the relationship between a mother and a daughter is something very special that one should cherish, and I hope that my daughter one day will have the same experience.

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