A Woman with Purpose: Stephanie Nass

A Woman with Purpose: Stephanie Nass

Since being a child, Stephanie Nass has had one passion - cooking. Now she is on a mission to share her love for food with others. Starting her catering company in 2014 as a roving supper club, Nass created art-inspired meals for young professionals in New York City. Since then, it has become so much more. From culinary-driven lifestyle products to how-to cooking sessions on her Instagram channel and providing meals to frontline healthcare workers during the pandemic, Nass expanded her business as a chef, culinary influencer, and designer under the cool and catchy name, Chefanie.

What separates Chefanie from other culinary brands is Nass’ eye for fusing food and decor. The entrepreneur is known for matching her own outfits to her treats and tablescapes. "My food is very art-inspired, very colorful," she says.

No wonder she is busy these days, launching new tableware and accessories for a holiday season in style. We talked to Stephanie Nass, our Women with Purpose for this month, about her career and what it means to host a perfect dinner.

A Woman with Purpose: Stephanie Nass

-You started your business by hosting art-inspired dinners. What is your aim for hosting a perfect dinner?

My aim is to bring people together over meaningful experiences that lead to joy. Food and art create a springboard for conversation that helps guests connect.

-In your work, you combine your passion for food with an appreciation for beautiful design. Do you see a connection between food and fashion?

Food and clothing are necessities to survive, but creativity twists both into innovative forms that inspire and amuse.

-What is your advice for younger women who aim for a career in the culinary scene?

Try lots of jobs within the culinary industry: editorial, cooking in a restaurant kitchen, restaurant front-of-house, catering, marketing, food product development, food styling, etc. There are so many kinds of opportunities; figure out what you most love by trying a mix.

-The best cooking outfit is…?

A chef coat, apron, and a pair of Chefanie earrings.

-If I am going to invest in one thing for an event, it should be…?

Beautiful linens – they are less expensive than china but can make an even greater statement.

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