Business Bags for Women at Akris

Whether trouser suit, sheath dress or pencil skirt and blouse - one thing should never be missing in a woman's business outfit: the right handbag. This is not only used to store work documents and important everyday objects that you always have with you, but also rounds off the outfit stylishly and is in many cases a fashion statement. Akris offers a wide range of luxurious handbags in various sizes and shapes for everyday life or for formal events.

Spacious and Classy: Business Bags from Akris

When it comes to business outfits, the handbag must fit seamlessly into the overall picture and harmonize with the rest of the clothing. Whether straightforward styles in neutral colors such as black or white for a serious appearance or bags in artistic designs to freshen up the business look - there is something for every taste and every occasion. Monochrome models have the advantage that they can be easily combined with any outfit. Are you looking for an extraordinary bag with which you will attract attention? Many Akris business bags feature refined and ornate materials and details, such as embroidery, braided leather or three-dimensional surface structures that provide that certain something in your appearance. Whether classic or fancy, each model is elegant and stylish in its own way. The large business bags from Akris are particularly suitable for regular working life. In addition to the elegant exterior, these score with their practical properties and versatility. Thanks to the spacious interior, they offer enough space for the work documents as well as for all the belongings that you always carry with you in daily life. For spontaneous purchases that you want to do after work, the bags can also be used as a shopper. The business bags also score with their high-quality workmanship and luxurious materials. Leather in particular has proven itself in handbags, because it is very robust and gains more and more character over time.

Exclusive Bags in Horsehair

It doesn't always have to be leather handbags! A special highlight in the Akris range are horsehair handbags. This is a very animal-friendly natural product, as the horse's hair is simply cut. With such a bag you get an accessory with history, because the horsehair is processed on historic looms, which are operated only by people who master this special craft. In addition, only one meter of fabric per day can be produced on the looms, so that you get a highly exclusive fabric. In addition to the extraordinary character, horsehair offers other benefits. The fabric proves to be ultra-light and at the same time resilient, so you can look forward to a robust and durable bag. Of course, the models made of horsehair also score with their elegant exterior, so that they already radiate luxury and exclusivity due to the extraordinary material. The range includes bags in bright colors such as red, which give the appearance an impressive touch, especially in combination with otherwise straightforward business outfits. Are you looking for a business bag that is not too eye-catching, has a rather classic design? In the shop you will find models in muted colors such as black or brown, which inspire with subtle design details. For example, Akris offers bags whose surface is characterized by leather in addition to horsehair, creating a stylish and impressive symbiosis. But the precious natural fibre is not only used as a main material! Some bags are visually enhanced with clever details made of horsehair such as stripes or tassels.

Small Bags for Special Occasions

In addition to your regular working life, you are also familiar with business events or other occasions where you are on a professional mission outside the office. Whether company party, evening gala or even a ball - the occasions are manifold. On festive occasions with an elegant dress code, of course, the right handbag should not be missing! Akris offers business bags in small format with which you can complete your outfit. The models inspire above all with their variability. So you can wear them as classic clutches in your hand or optionally attach a carrying strap to convert them into a shoulder bag or handle bag. The small pockets offer space to store the most important belongings in them. The highlight, however, is undoubtedly the design, because each model is artfully designed and characterized by clever details such as 3D prints, braided trapezoid patterns or patchwork designs. A stylish appearance and admiring looks are guaranteed! Whether large business bags, which offers enough storage space for notebook, college block and other work documents and serves as a shopper after work, or a small-format black clutch for elegant occasions away from the office, Akris offers a large selection of stylish bags for everyday work and business events. Discover elegant business clothing for women by Akris Architectural such as dresses, skirts, blouses or trousers.

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