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Carry all your essentials in style with Akris tote bags. Made of soft leather and unique materials, a Akris tote is the perfect companion throughout the week and on the weekend. Discover the convertible Akris Ai shoulder bag that is much more than an elevated tote. 

Akris Designer Shoulder Bags for Women

Ladies and their love for handbags - it sounds suspiciously cliché, but many women feel that something would be missing if they went out of the house without a bag, and this is not unjustified! A handbag is always at your side as a faithful companion, so you always have your essentials, such as your purse or keys, at hand. A bag shape that turns out to be particularly practical is the shoulder bag: thanks to the longer shoulder handles, you have more freedom of movement. Discover elegant designer shoulder bags for women at Akris and spice up your outfit with this chic accessory as an eye-catcher.

What distinguishes a shoulder bag?

Handbags come in many different shapes, and each is distinguished by certain features. What makes a shoulder bag so practical is - as the name suggests - the longer shoulder straps, thanks to which you can comfortably carry the bag hanging over one shoulder. This not only relieves the arms once the bag is packed and heavy, but also keeps your hands free. Due to this high freedom of movement, a shoulder bag is very versatile: Both when shopping in the supermarket or in the clothing store, and for the day trip to the city and when meeting friends - the shoulder bag is the ideal companion in every life situation. Convince yourself of the advantages of this bag and discover one of the elegant women’s designer shoulder bags in the Akris online store.

The versatile Akris range

Beautiful handbags never go out of fashion - so it's time that you equip yourself with a sophisticated designer shoulder bag. With the wide selection of Akris, there is a bag for every taste. The shoulder bags are available in different designs and materials: do you prefer a practical satin clutch, or a handy envelope bag made of leather? How about a comfortable crossbody bag or a sophisticated designer shoulder bag made of horsehair? Whether it’s an iconic Akris Ai with a convertible shape or a sleek Akris Anouk, these bags are made for everyday wear. Akris also offers reversible bags: You can perfectly complement any outfit with these practical, two-tone pieces that can be reversed.

What belongs into a lady’s bag?

What women can conjure up from the depths of their handbags often amazes men. Women like to be well equipped, don't they? To make sure you always have the right things with you for any situation, we have compiled a list of a few essentials you have in your designer shoulder bag at any time.
Of course, the contents of a handbag depend on the personality and preferences of the wearer, and the occasion for which the bag is worn in. However, these essentials should always find room in the bag:

⬧ Wallet
⬧ Mobile phone
⬧ Keys (for the apartment, car, etc.)
⬧ Tissues
⬧ Cosmetic bag with essentials, such as makeup, hair ties, or fragrance
⬧ Small emergency first-aid kit equipped with the most important products, for example, painkillers, plasters, or hygiene products.

Discover the wide selection of women's designer shoulder bags from Akris and be delighted with your new favorite handbag. To spice up your outfit beyond the handbag, browse through the range of fashionable scarves, belts and necklaces and create a stylish look.

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