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Discover the selection of elegant shorts by Akris for women. Those shorts are processed with high-grade fabrics and are perfect to wear on summer days.

Elegant shorts for women

Do you feel like you can wear short pants only in a casual way? This couldn’t be further from the truth! Take a look at the selection by Akris, and you will find that short pants can also be very elegant! Especially when the weather is warm, you will cut a striking figure when wearing luxurious short pants by Akris without having to worry about overheating. If you style them smartly, you will create a look that is elegant and modern in equal measure.

Short pants: Cut a striking figure when the weather is hot

Shorts are garments that should be exclusively worn as part of an off-duty outfit. This bias is still shared by many people. But there are also short pants that come in luxurious designs and will contribute to an elegant appearance. Beautiful models in great quality will top off your look, and additionally, they will make your legs appear longer and offer high wearing comfort when the temperatures are high. Bermudas or pantskirts are a timeless classic that has been worn by women since the 1940s and 1950s. Due to the shortness of the garment and the lightness of the fabrics, those pants are the perfect alternative to long pants, skirts or dresses.

How to look best with short pants

To make sure that you will have a striking appearance, you have to keep a few things in mind when styling shorts. Due to the flared cut of the pant legs, the pieces by Akris are reminiscent of short skirts with an A-line and can be styled similarly. Unicolored shorts are perfect to wear alongside tops with colorful patterns and prints. It’s recommended to choose pieces that feature similar colors as the pants. Blouses and tops go especially well with bermudas. The ensemble can be topped off with a blazer that has a similar coloring. Sandals or high heels are the perfect shoes to complete your outfit.

Elegant shorts for women by Akris

To always be dressed stylishly in the summer, Akris offers an exquisite selection of elegant pants for women. Among the collection, you can find short pants, bermuda shorts and pantskirts. The latter have a flared leg but are figure-hugging on the waistline. Due to that, those garments will look especially flattering on you and will create a feminine hourglass figure. Due to the short length of the pants, the legs will appear longer, so tall women’s legs will be emphasized and petite women will appear taller. The shorts that are offered among the selection are monochrome and in timeless colors that will never go out of fashion, like black, white, beige or marine. Furthermore, the pieces are processed from light fabrics such as linen or light cotton and denim.

A classy cut, a beautiful color and a high-grade fabric - those are qualities that you will find in elegant shorts for women. With the luxurious pants by Akris, you will get short pants with which you will be dressed stylishly and airily at any occasion - whether you are attending a summery soirée or an open-air concert.

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