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Discover the wide pants by Akris. Light and airy, wide-leg pants made of a luxurious cotton-silk blend fabric are the perfect garment for any occasion.

Wide pants for women by Akris

Wide pants will charm you with their incomparable comfort and will look good on any body type. Whether you will wear them in the office or as part of your off-duty look: this garment will never go out of fashion and you can combine it in many different ways. In the Akris Online shop, you can find a wide selection of wide pants in different designs that are made of various fabrics.

Wide pants: Comfortable and elegant

We want to wear garments that will look good and flatter our individual body types. Other than the design, comfort is also an important factor because we want to feel good in our clothes all day long. A great fit is especially crucial for pants because a bad fitting model can impact our freedom of movement or cause discomfort. Wide pants are garments that are especially easy to wear. Due to the characteristic cut and its soft fabrics, the pants have a looser fit. In contrast, the waistline is rather figure-hugging, which creates a beautiful hourglass-like appearance. In conclusion, wide pants will not only win you over with their unbelievable wearing comfort, they will also make you look elegant on any occasion.

Tips for styling wide pants

Wide pants will never go out of fashion and will charm you with their versatility because you can wear them to basically any occasion. To make sure that you will cut a striking figure, there are a few styling rules you have to know when it comes to putting an outfit together. Wide pants will look especially flattering, when you put the hem of your top in the waistline, either completely or partially. This will emphasize the waistline and the legs will appear longer. If you want to create a look that is casual and timeless in equal measures, you can wear wide pants with a coat that has a looser fit, like a trenchcoat. Do you want to create an elegant and modern appearance? You can combine the pants with an oversized blazer. Top the outfit off with pumps or ankle boots with a pointy shoe tip.

Luxurious wide pants for women by Akris

Akris takes the classic garment to the next level and offers wide pants that are especially luxurious. Whether it has a classical cut with extra long legs or shorter models that are perfect to wear on warmer days - pick your favorite among the big selection. For special occasions, unicolored pants with a linear design can be paired with blouses and a blazer to create a timeless, elegant look. Do you like to make an extraordinary appearance? Akris also offers pants with refined patterns and prints and striking colors that are perfect for upgrading simple garments with little effort. The wide pants by Akris are made of high-quality fabrics such as silk, cotton, or wool. Models made of double face are especially low-maintenance and comfortable to wear. With this kind of fabric, the front and back sides consist of two identical layers that are woven together. This makes the garment very lightweight and crease resistant. Due to that, the surface will remain impeccable even after wearing, so you won’t need to iron them.

Comfortable, elegant, and timeless - wide pants are a true must-have for all women. Akris takes this garment to the next level and offers a variety of luxurious pants with a wide leg. Whether you are looking for an elegant model to complete your business outfit or if you want casual pants to create an off-duty look - you will find the perfect piece in the Akris online shop. Take a look at the selection and pick your favorite.

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