Akris Spring/Summer 2022 – A Woman and an Apron

4th of October 2021

The Akris Spring/Summer 2022 collection is presented online in an exclusive film directed by Damien Krisl. The collection designed by Albert Kriemler evolves around the apron of today, paying homage to his grandmother, Alice Kriemler-Schoch, who founded Akris as an atelier for aprons in 1922.

It was Albert’s goal to bring the apron into the present, make it contemporary, “and he succeeded with his sleek and refined spring collection, which exalted the sensual side of a wrapped and tied piece of cloth”, writes Miles Socha of WWD.

“That dynamic, almost intuitive move, when she pops it over and wraps it around herself, there is something protective and powerful about it. An apron adds structure, posture, a discreet resilience. Reduced and edited to its essence, its cut, more felt than forced. It provokes the idea that a woman tends to look most confident, strong, and free in clothes that make her feel her best self.”

– Albert Kriemler

Intrigued by an apron's simple yet fitted and precision-cut form, Albert created an ensemble of tailored apron corsages and gowns, echoed by strappy dresses, and layered knit aprons with a modern verve and at ease appeal. Godfrey Deeny of Fashion Network calls it “a multi-option collection of real class.”

Nicole Phelps of Vogue writes: “Kriemler is a disciplined creator, in love with clean lines and geometric shapes, but his minimalism is of a gentle variety. He knows his straight lines have to accommodate human curves.”

The collection is cut for confidence, embracing softness, and using it as a strength instead of hiding it. Dao Tran of The Impression writes: “There is a black double-face wool apron dress which, worn with black pants, I immediately thought of as a modern take on the tuxedo for women. The combination of apron skirts or dresses over pants is modern, versatile and playful.”

As is the case with all of Albert’s designs, fabric came first when designing the collection. Patchworks were created with redyed embroidery of past seasons. While this speaks to sustainability, it also supports the idea of an investment piece: “When the clothes are of highest quality and have a timelessness, you can cherish them for years, combining them anew”, as Dao Tran of The Impression writes about Akris designs.

The Akris Spring/Summer 2022 film was shot in St.Gallen, the hometown of Akris, on the “Roter Platz – Stadtlounge”. It is the brainchild of Swiss artist, Pipilotti Rist, a pioneer in spatial video art, and architect, Carlos Martinez. They created the space as a public area that is treated like a collective living room.

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