Albert Kriemler x Imi Knoebel

Anton Corbijn

Since Akris first show on the Paris Fashion Week in 2004 Creative Director Albert Kriemler continuously finds inspiration in the inventive oeuvre of renowned artists, photographers and architects, transforming their work into refined collections and engaging collector`s items. Emerging from sustained, intense interaction with the artists or their estates, these collaborations are less a reproduction of the oeuvre itself, but rather the work of likewise minds. ​

“I always search for effortless ease in my designs, a feeling of just-rightness in its appearance and functionalism. The pure presence and joy of a woman just being herself – that is what moves me. A concept I found in the art of German artist Imi Knoebel. The humbleness, warmth, down-to-earth and human touch in his artworks facintated me. Imi Knoebel's pictures show us grace in all its purity and radiance. They are also completely with themselves, represent nothing and present nothing, and yet they have a radiance of such power coupled with grace that enchants and captivates us” Albert Kriemler. ​ ​

One of the leading German artists, Imi Knoebel is known for his contributions to and shaping of 20th century Minimalist abstract art. His​ predominantly serial works are characterized by a unique use of color and a geometric vocabulary of forms. Knoebels wide-ranging and rigorous oeuvre incorporates drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, projections and installation. Born in Dessau in 1940 he studied under the tutelage of Joseph Beuys at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. His artworks can be found in prominent public collections including MoMA (New York); The Broad (Los Angeles); the Musée National d’Art Moderne and Centre Pompidou (Paris). Imi Knoebel lives and works in Düsseldorf. ​

Kriemler`s most profound collaborations have been with artists such as Geta Brătescu (Spring/Summer 2019), Rodney Graham (Fall/Winter 2017), Carmen Herrera (Spring/Summer 2017) and Thomas Ruff (Fall/Winter 2016) as well as architects like Sou Fujimoto (Spring/Summer 2016) or Alexander Girard (Spring/Summer 2018). ​ ​

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