​It all Starts with the Fabric

Sensual minimalism – that is how Albert Kriemler describes the aesthetic he creates at Akris. The feel of a fabric, for example, when he picks up the dense, velvety double-face cashmere, is an intuitive key element in his creative process. "What a woman wears on her skin is very important to me because fashion is not just about looking good. I want people to feel comfortable in our clothes," he says. Only then do you understand what luxury truly means.

One Layer, Ultralight

Double-face materials – whether wool, linen, silk, cotton, or cashmere – are realized through an extremely thin and fine double-layered weave, a technique that results in two right sides to the fabric. The outcome, for example, is a lightweight jacket made from a single layer of fabric. Apart from the minimalist padding in the shoulder area, it has no internal structure or lining, giving the jacket a perfect fit and allowing the fabric to fall naturally. For this reason, double-face pieces are so quintessentially modern and a hallmark of Akris.

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Lady in an orange-red coat and matching turtleneck underneath.

Naturally Reversible

One garment, two looks. In many cases, double-face jackets and coats can even be worn differently, thanks to the two right sides. In a reversible jacket or coat, the collar, seams, and pockets - which can always be used from both sides - require great attention to detail. The key to the desired effect is the minimal, almost invisible seams. 

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