Cotton Jersey

The cotton jersey T-shirt is the most essential of all basics. The natural fiber works in all climates, all year round. The classic Akris cotton jersey T-shirt is cut for a timeless fit, so it will stay in your closet for years to come.

The Polo Shirt

This silhouette is a more classic alternative to a T-shirt. It is usually crafted in piqué fabrics, giving these tops a more substantial look and feel. A collar and button placket allow for versatile styling.

Linen T-Shirt

Linen is the perfect choice for even more comfort in hot climates or warm summer days. The sustainable plant fiber absorbs moisture quickly and is highly breathable. Explore Akris linen tops here.

Cashmere Pullover

For Akris Creative Director Albert Kriemler the first principle of design is the “feel” of a piece. And nothing feels better against the skin than cashmere. It is one of the most refined natural fibers in existence, known for its light-weight insulation and temperature regulation and simply unmatched comfort.

Cashmere in Neutral Tones

Cashmere in neutral tones is always a good choice. Infinitely combinable and truly timeless, these items are created to last a lifetime.

Bold Cashmere Colors

Stand out while staying comfortable. Cashmere takes color well, and it shows in the bold colored knitwear that Akris offers. Seasonal colors shine in this soft fabric.

Fresh Mint

The mint hue of Akris Spring 2022 will add a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe. Combine it with white for a subtle yet elegant pairing, go all mint for a soft stand-out look, or mix it with other pastel tones for sophisticated color blocking.

The Mirrored Trapezoid

The Mirrored Trapezoid captures the signature Akris shape twofold. Using layered fabrics, alternating weaves, and laser cutouts, the pattern plays with transparency and texture in spring and summer fabrics like light organza, cotton voile, and denim.

The Leather Blazer

The leather blazer has become a street style staple. It can act as a suit separate or an overcoat, making it a versatile essential for spring and summer. Pair it with the St.Gallen Sky print for a dreamy contrast and a look that will make you shine, or combine it with a leather skirt for a futuristic flair.

Light Jackets

Finding the right jacket can become complicated when it starts getting warmer outside. Still, a jacket can add so much to your look. The light jackets of Akris Spring 2022 can be worn even on the warmest days. Crafted from intricate embroidery and light, transparent silk, they create a sophisticated look without weighing you down.

Summer Suiting

A gilet cut like a suit jacket will become your favorite fashion choice for summer occasions that demand formality. A strong stripe and faux double-breasted design create a powerful look that is lightened by the tied belt. More traditional silhouettes are offered in light linen, silk, and signature double-face wool.  

Precious Knits

The new cashmere, cotton, and silk knits are created to be used all year round and for years to come. Discover modern knit designs crafted in precious natural materials for an unmatched combination of comfort and elegance.

A Dreamy Mood

“There is a freshness, that sense of life that is so vivid in these pictures. And I loved the idea of lightness, of white clouds moving across a clear blue St.Gallen sky.” – Albert Kriemler

Make a statement this summer and beyond with the dreamy St.Gallen Sky Print, the artful line from Akris Spring 2022 by Albert Kriemler.

A dynamic take on signature styles and an homage to the region of St.Gallen, Switzerland. 

The St.Gallen Sky print of #AkrisSS22 is based on photographic works by Swiss artist Katalin Deér.

The Infinite Trapezoid

The Infinite Trapezoid print of #AkrisSS22 captures the signature Akris shape, derived from the A in Alice, Apron, Akris, and Albert. It is the defining visual element in many Akris designs and this season's collection.

Explore it on a silk dress, as intricate leather patchwork, and collector’s scarves.

New Akris Handbags

For Akris Spring 2022, the signature Akris shapes come in seasonal finishes like the St.Gallen Sky print, Infinite Trapezoid leather patchwork, and modern cotton Raffia. Braided Trapezoid Leather and classic softcalf make a return in new colors, and the signature techno trapezoid fabric is now available on the Little Alexa. Carry all in style with the new Akris handbags.

Into the Alps

The Seealpsee print exemplifies an ode to a hike through the striking landscape of the Swiss alps, the Alpstein, near where Albert Kriemler grew up. Pair it with casual denim, elegant yet functional silk taffeta and navy tones for a modern look.

The Seealpsee print of #AkrisSS22 is based on photographic works by Swiss artist Katalin Deér.  

New Scarves

Cashmere and silk scarves are an essential part of every Akris collection. Artful prints, modern patterns, and joyful colors make for scarves that act as an elegant accessory in spring and summer but will also keep you warm and cozy when it gets cold.

Trapezoid Square

The Trapezoid Square prints embody the linear underpinning of Akris Spring 2022. Their architectural appeal is representative of Albert Kriemler's modern design language. Monochrome blouses, tops, and dresses add a subtle twist to office and off-duty looks, while the Trapezoid Square on Akris Accessories is an easy way to add an interesting touch to minimal looks.

Raffia Handbags

The refined Raffia of Akris Spring 2022 gives a classic material a luxurious update and is woven into one-of-a-kind accessories. It is a perfect embodiment of the creative ingenuity in textile development, that is at the core of the house. Woven from coated cotton, it transforms raffia, that is best known for its rustic, straw-like touch, into a modern and soft material.  

The Jacket

No Akris show is complete without a suit. Suits are Albert’s chef d’oeuvre. The jacket is essential. Supreme tailoring knowledge, expert hands, three generations of experience on how a shoulder should be cut, ironed, molded. Paired with sleek Akris pants in extra light wool double-face for powerful, and above all, ultra-modern women.

The Iconic Ai Bag

40 Years of Shaping Modernism at Akris. With his Pre-Fall 2020 collection, Albert Kriemler is celebrating 40 years at the helm of Akris design where he is writing his story of modernism. For the occasion, he created a collection of signature items defining the Akris vernacular. Akris believes in simple allure. And with the Ai bag, a traditional tote with sides foldable in and outwards to a trapezoid, it proved the point. Unveiled in autumn 2009, introducing horsehair as an unexpected accessories material, the Ai bags trapezoidal shape spells “A” as in Akris, Albert and Architecture in a very inconspicuous way.

“I have not the slightest interest to show past memories. It’s important to bring inspiration forward. It’s a gift when you can develop something in life. I’m open to the new.”

Albert Kriemler

Transition Pieces

Leather can be the answer to unpredictable temperatures as we transition between seasons. Offering just the right warmth for a crisp day but in a clean neutral palette for a summer mood.

The Gan Jacket

The three-button Gan Jacket is the perfect tailored piece for the season. Luxuriously soft, the cashmere silk twill is light-weight and feels less serious with a pulled up sleeve and popped label. Keep it crisp with white wardrobe staples and Aicon bag.

The Scarf Edit

A perfect touch of Akris finesse, scarves are an immersion in color and comfort. All Akris scarves are of the finest natural fibers like cashmere and silk. Perfect for layering or coiled around your hair.

The Mini Bag to Carry You Through Summer

A mini top handle to tote all your essentials. Refined details of a horsehair tassel and crossbody strap.

Techno Trapezoid

Expect more from your handbag. The Techno Trapezoid Fabric is light-weight and durable. Availble in our iconic Ai bag, Litte Aounk Day or Belt Bag. All can take you from morning until night.

Great Lengths in Akris punto

The midi dress can be your best day-to-dinner wardrobe staple. These silhouettes are clean and chic for any occasion.

Neutral Territory

Hardboard, Cardboard and Beige are Resort's new neutrals to add to your wardrobe. Spring for a delicously soft suede blouson jacket which takes you to any occasion. Take charge and throw it over a matching suede or knit dress. Stay off-duty back to denim.

Introducing the Braided Trapezoid Ai Bag

You will reach for this bag time after time. Sleek, subtle, and deceptively spacious, the Ai bag in its new braided trapezoid treatment will be your carryall across any season. Available is small and medium Ai.

Black Leather Week

A favorite this seasoned across the runways, black leather offers versatility and suppleness like no other. The jacket, a bit oversized and finished with a shirt collar, can be worn endless ways. Make it a fall staple back to pants or finished with a feminine godet-hem skirt.

Leather Weather

Fall is the perfect time for a leather jacket. Get comfortable with the Akris Erzah jacket in lamb nappa leather with signature trapezoid quilting and luxurious silk lining. Or choose the timeless Akris Architectural Hasso jacket for an even sharper look. Both easily style with this season's asymmetrical techno neoprene dress with Punch Card laser cut inset.

St.Gallen Map Print

St.Gallen has been the creative epicenter and heart of Akris since its foundation in 1922. To celebrate the heritage of the house and the city itself, the Fall/Winter 2021 Map Prints were created from maps of St.Gallen dating back from 1878 to 2016.

Trapezoid Embroidery

The Trapezoid Maze Embroidery, inspired by a vintage 1966 pattern, is a playful homage to Akris’ creative cluster in St.Gallen. This town is still The Embroidery City, and Albert Kriemler collaborates very closely with St.Gallen’s specialty fabrics houses to develop the innovative treatments and techniques needed to create the right feel and effect for every Akris embroidery item.

Punch Card

A real piece of heritage. Before there were computers, embroidery machines received their commands from hard paper punch cards. The Punch Card laser cutout and print depict the command to embroider the Akris letters, A-K-R-I-S-. The punch card was produced on the last existing machine in St.Gallen, by the only man who still knows how to punch it.

Infinite Embroidery

In 1881/82 in St.Gallen, Charles Wetter-Rüesch developed burn-out guipure embroidery, making possible the mechanical imitation of lace. The Infinite Embroidery of the Akris Fall/Winter 2021 collection uses this technique to create unique accessories and ready-to-wear items that are a subtle wink to the Akris letters. Explore the selection here.

Tiled Roof

The geometric motif combining terra-cotta, green and black is inspired by the colorful, tiled rooftop of St.Laurenzen, a church from the Mid-19th century by architect Johann Georg Müller. Available as St.Gallen Embroidery, leather patchwork, intarsia knit, and printed scarf. There is also a more muted version that replaces orange with navy.

Gallus Green

The color and its name, Gallus Green, are inspired by the Irish monk Gallus, who founded St.Gallen 1400 years ago. This town has been the creative epicenter and home of Akris since its foundation in 1922. Here, Akris cultivates its regional roots and has built a culture of creating fashion that looks beyond fleeting trends.

The Streets of St.Gallen

Akris handbags, like the Akris Ai, Alexa, and Anouk, are made for everyday wear. Explore the bags of Fall/Winter 2021, shot in the streets of St.Gallen where they are meant to be worn, and where the inspiration for this collection grew.

Unmatched Akris Cashmere

With fabric this fine, every item qualifies as a forever piece. None more so than Akris cashmere knit jackets in a new cozy silhouette. Casual but always polished back to the Christopher jogger pant in wool cotton jersey.

Pacific Blue and Crimson Red

The braided trapezoid Ai bags just arrived in two new gorgeous colors that can be worn now and straight into fall. Lushious outwear compliments the rich hues when cooler temperatures approach.

Sandy Hues

Cotton denim separates add up to a chic statement. The A-line skirt feels modern when styled with the silk front knit tunic. Neutral hues are pulled together with the tri-color Little Alexa.

Ai See Stars

The oversized Kinderstern gets a 3D lift in a retro palette on the iconic Ai bag. For days on the go, the Anouk Day is the perfect crossbody carry-all. Pops with white or denim in the summer and take on a transitional feel back to caramel.

Easy Dressing For Your Next Occasion

Feminine summer dresses that still feel laid back hit all the right notes. Light weight and flirty, these relaxed looks can take you anywhere when you want to feel extra special.

Spring Trend | Black & White

“There is the strict and the geometrical. And then there is the free. I am intrigued by Imi Knoebel's performed experiments of balance and chaos. We tested with it in the Cut-up embellished knitted stripes and St.Gallen embroidery, juxtaposing soft contours with sharp edges. A multilayered statement of a soft power chic that defines Akris in this collection.” -Albert Kriemler

Monochrome Statements

Easy separates in shades of white make summer dressing a breeze.

Throw-On And Go-Easy

The breeze and ease of summer is reflected in natural fabrics such as crisp cotton broderie anglaise. The small-to-big gradient dot design is the perfect update to the punto dot classic.

Summer Separates

Timeless staples with subtle design details nod towards a stand-out summer wardrobe. These pieces will keep working for you all season and easy to mix and match.

Relaxed Dressing At Its Finest

“Imi Knoebel has built his own artistic DNA. A Knoebel line, color or form are instantly recognizable as its own.

My collections have always been about the idea of building an Akris quintessence: natural fabrics, craftsmanship, versatility, refined wardrobe essentials.

An Akris double-face cashmere jacket will never be mistaken for anyone else's and this season we added a new icon: the relaxed Linesdress infused by Knoebel's lines works." Albert Kriemler

The Maxi Skirt

Welcome this sophisticated skirt length into your wardrobe this season. The maxi skirt can be styled for day with casual separates and easily swept into the evening hours with accessory updates.

Cool Cotton Blues

An icy shade of blue evokes a sense of calm as it remindes us of the sea and blue skies. Pairs perfectly to crisp white or deep navy.

Happy Hues

Our best bags in the spring's newest prints.

Imi Knoebel's extraordinary sense for colors always stunned me. He lets color shine. I can very much relate to his world of forms and grand colors. Color is everything to me, this season more than ever before. -Albert Kriemler .

Works of Art for your Wardrobe

Select your favorite or collect them all! This season's soft accessories are gallery worthy with Albert Kriemler x Imi Knoebel artist collaboration. All in natural blends of cashmere, cottons or silk.

The Beauty of Spring

These feminine and fluid silhouettes will have you feeling pretty and polished for any occasion, even if casually entertaining at home.

Needing Color

Brighten up the winter months by adding pops of color. Cashmere silk scarves offer a quick fix. Investment pieces like the Bellevue two-in-one coat offer sandy subtleness on the outer coat, pure green cashmere on this inside.

The Oasis Parka

From crisp mornings to chilly evenings, the Oasis silk taffeta parka will carry you throughout the day. The waist-defining drawstring is extra flattering. Also available in Navy and Pure Green.

Fabric Architecture

The art and craft of fabric draping is at its best with fall's relaxed cube flounce. The volume lends to light-weight flare in easy fabrics of techno mesh and transparent silk.

Bright Days

Bright days are ahead. Punch-up your wardrobe staples with this color-crush, Sunrise. The Autumnal hue will keep you feeling cozy in these on-the-go separates.

Dress Up For Fall

Nothing feels more opulent than silk velvet for fall's dinner parites or intimate weddings. Opt for head-to-touch silkiness in the Orphisme print corset gown or suit. Style the jacket or pant back to solids for just a touch of richness.

Accessories Lineups

Elevate your finishing touches. Our signature accessories are given an artistic touch in the colorblocked Orphisme print. Whether printed on silk scarves or crafted in leather patchwork, these accessories bring on your A-game

Taupey Layers

Build a wardrobe of cool, comfortable pieces that can take you anywear. The cashmere jersey coat is coziness to the next level. Beautifully monochromatic with the shawl-collar cardigan, sleekly fastened with our signature trapezoid closure.

Winter Whites

Achieve a prestine and peaceful entrance ine fall's shade of white: Blé. The creamy hue comes in cotton cashmere ribbed knits woven with lurex sequins. Subtle enough for day. A touch of sparkle for night when worn with the floorgrazing pleated skirt.

Craftsmanship At Its Finest

Our new woven leather handbags are sophisticated in rich neutrals such as navy and mocha. Pair back to white for a crisp Summer look or ground it to darker hues come Fall.

Feminine But Never Frilly

This season's flounce sleeve will add a festive spirit to a casual evening with family or friends. The proportions strike just the right balance in this little black dress. Achieve the same flare with fun and easy separates.

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