From A to Ai

As a fashion house known for its sophisticated understatement, Akris does not just feature a visual logo; it weaves it into its clothes. The trapezoid, representing the "A" in Akris, ties together the journey of the family house from Alice to Apron to Ai and Albert.

While researching visual vocabulary for the upcoming Akris accessories line in 2009, a trapezoidal pavilion caught Albert Kriemler's eye. This concrete building by the young Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao – one of seventeen pavilions in the Jinhua Architecture Park in China curated by Ai Weiwei – inspired the Akris trapezoid. 

The Logo-Less Logo

Devoid of overt logos, the trapezoid symbolizes the understatement of the house with utmost subtlety. A defining element of the Akris signature, the trapezoid is found throughout Akris' collections – in the shape of clasps and buckles to discreet cut lines and the silhouette of the iconic Ai bag. 

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Functionality is Beautiful

"Wearing a good garment is a bit like living in it," says Albert Kriemler. His love of architecture flows into the collections on several levels: in their fine sense of proportion, sensual minimalism, a belief in their self-evident functionality, and the concept of a wardrobe as are fined shell that defines a woman's appearance and emphasizes her charisma.

A True Aicon

Lightweight, smart, sleek, multifunctional – the vision of the Ai bag is one of simple allure. First introduced in Spring/Summer 2010, Albert Kriemler's approach was to translate the versatility of a tote but add architecture to the shape. By making the sides foldable, the Ai bag is designed to be converted from a shopper silhouette to a trapezoidal shape for a versatile, go-to handbag. ​

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