Liquid Light

Liquid Light

For Akris Resort 2022, Albert Kriemler was inspired by the photographic work of Swiss artist Katalin Deér. She created prints that turn ready-to-wear, handbags, and scarves into kaleidoscopes of super-saturated shades.

  Liquid Light II, 2021

The photos of Katalin Deér show colored glass panes, found by chance, that capture the shining aura of the sunlight.

“sunlight and shadow move along the wall
layers and colors
transparent and solid
sharp and liquid
a hinge between light, space, surface and sensation”

- Katalin Deér


Different arrangements of the color panes create four different themes: Hibiscus, Mimosa, Liquid Light, and Aloe.

Each theme has its own energy and creates a different sensation, portrayed on a variety of items: flowing silk blouses, tunics and dresses, a taffeta trench coat, soft cashmere and silk scarves, and transparent plexi Akris Ai bags that perfectly capture the luminescence of these artful prints.



Art-inspired photographic prints are a staple in many Akris collections. In the early 2000s, Albert Kriemler began to explore the fascinating scope of new digital photographic technologies for printed fabrics. He translates the allure of photographs into refined and sophisticated clothes and accessories, uniting pioneering photo prints, technological innovation, and artistic sensibility. 



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