Luxurious cashmere hoodies for women

Most people have at least one hoodie and we love them for their effortless coolness. Hoodies are popular among their fans for many reasons and it’s no surprise why they have been true must-haves for many decades. Akris offers especially luxurious versions of those smart pieces! Take a look at the selection of extraordinary cashmere hoodies.

Cashmere hoodies: the iconic piece made of a luxurious fabric

Hoodies have been worn since the 1930s, but their rise in popularity dates back to the 1970s. Since then, they have become part of most people’s wardrobes. There are two types of hoodies: either they come as a jacket, usually with a zipper, or as a pullover. The most important characteristic is the hood, which comes with a drawstring in many cases. Its fans love the hoodie not only for its cool exterior, but for its warming qualities and excellent wearing comfort too! The hood offers protection from nasty weather conditions and can simply be pulled on when the temperatures drop or when it starts to drizzle.

Although hoodies are known for laid-back styles, those cool pieces can also be luxurious. Akris offers hoodies made of cashmere that are an absolute must-have and will make an excellent addition to everyone’s hoodie collection.

Cashmere takes every garment to the next level

Without a doubt: the cashmere hoodie has many benefits and will charm you in many ways. The exquisite fiber is warm and will protect you from the cold, despite its lightness. Additionally, it is temperature-regulating and breathable, which guarantees good wearing comfort even when the weather is foul. Therefore, cashmere is a versatile material, just like a hoodie is a versatile garment. The fabric of the cashmere hoodies by Akris will delight you with its softness and its incredible wearing feel. The luxurious wool is famous for its glossy finish that adds an extraordinary aura to the wearer’s appearance. Due to that, the Akris cashmere hoodies exude nonchalance and exclusivity in equal measures.

How to style your cashmere hoodie

Hoodies are often worn as part of a leisure outfit. Combine them with t-shirts and jeans or wear them beneath a blouson or a leather jacket to create a timeless and laid-back look. The cashmere hoodies by Akris are perfect for styling those classic outfits, but the cool pieces are much more versatile than that! Do you want to create a style that is unconventional and cheeky? You can wear your cashmere hoodie with a pencil skirt. The figure-hugging skirt combined with the loosely cut top with the hood creates a playful and feminine appearance. The cashmere hoodies by Akris are luxurious, high-quality garments that will also contribute to a striking appearance in work life. For a casual business look, you can wear a hoodie instead of a blazer.

Whether you want to wear it with jeans, or combine it with jogging pants or if you want to create an extravagant look by styling it with a pencil skirt - hoodies are more versatile than you might think. The cashmere hoodies by Akris unite coolness and luxury in a unique way and add a special touch to any style. We also recommend taking a look at other clothes made of cashmere, such as jogging pants, jackets, poncho capes and turtleneck sweaters.

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