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Cashmere sweaters for women

Cashmere is without a doubt one of the most luxurious textiles. This wool is exceptionally fine and the clothes that are made of it are famous for their exquisite feel. Akris offers a wide selection of cashmere sweaters and other knitwear, that will charm you with their incomparable wearing comfort as well as with their elegant and unique designs

Cashmere: incredibly soft and luxurious

Cashmere fiber is made from the underwool of the cashmere goat. Due to the fine nature of this wool, the fabrics are very light, but have excellent thermal insulation, so that the wearer will be kept warm when exposed to cold temperatures. At the same time, cashmere is breathable, so you won’t overheat when the weather is warmer than expected. Additionally, the material is easy to handle. Due to its self-cleaning qualities, you don't need to wash the sweaters after wearing, it’s enough to put them over a hanger and air them for a few hours. Because of those qualities, cashmere sweaters are garments that are luxurious, comfortable and functional at the same time. And of course, you will always be dressed elegantly and classy in your everyday life.

Cashmere sweaters for women in extraordinary designs

Akris offers cashmere sweaters in a variety of colors, cuts and patterns that can be worn to different occasions. There are unicolored round-neck sweaters or V-neck pullovers, that are perfect to wear with a blouse in the office. Turtleneck sweaters are an excellent choice, if you want to create a modern business casual look, that is sophisticated and smart. Are you looking for an extravagant cashmere sweater? In the shop, you can find pieces with elaborate designs and colorful patterns. These sweaters will charm you with their elegant and playful exterior that goes especially well with otherwise unpretentious outfits. Other than garments made of pure cashmere, you can also find pieces where other high-quality textiles such as silk have been processed into the fabrics.

Discover more knitwear made of cashmere

Other than sweaters, Akris offers further garments made of cashmere for women. Cardigans and light jackets in various designs and colors are perfect for wearing as a mid-layer in winter or between seasons. In summer, the cardigans can also be used as a top-layer and can be combined with a sundress. Do you wantt to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your appearance? Then we recommend taking a closer look at blousons made of cashmere. These will elevate your outfit and are super comfortable to wear, thanks to the material’s distinctive feel. Some pieces are made of double face, a type of fabric, where the front side and the inside are made from identical sides. Double-face doesn’t need lining and is very light and crease resistant.

The cashmere sweaters, as well as other knitwear, are high quality garments that will upgrade any outfit! Discover the selection of other clothes made of cashmere, such as loungewear, hoodies, jogging pants or scarves, to enjoy the unique wearing comfort at any time of the day.

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